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School Contact

Tel: 773-534-2440

Fax: 773-534-2577


M Helen Peirce International School

1423 W. Bryn Mawr Ave

Chicago, IL 60660

Welcome to My Page!

Becoming a school teacher was a dream of mine since childhood. I didn’t have anyone to guide me, so I took the easy out and chose my second option as a career, which was to become a Travel Consultant. I only had to go to school for two years and felt that was the fastest way to get a degree and exciting because I would get to travel.
At the age of 38, I decided to go back to school and obtain my degree in elementary education. It was a huge decision, since I was a wife, a mother of three boys, and worked full-time. I knew in my hearts of hearts that I would finish because I was finally doing what  I was meant to be, a teacher.
I  am a byproduct of the public education and so are my three sons. In my mind, I was going to work in    CPS and that was the plan. I worked for CPS for six months after I graduated, as a substitute teacher.  Then the big layoffs within the system started and the principle at one particular school couldn’t justify hiring me when she had to let three veteran teachers go. That’s when I had no choice but to seek employment within the private sector schools.  I taught at two private schools within the past nine years, went back to school for my masters in Literacy Education, and now I am excited to finally be where I have always envisioned myself at,   CPS.  


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